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Wild tuskers raid Chaibasa village

Villagers of Badamodi in Chaibasa woke up to receive the unexpected guests, who landed as a delegation at their doorstep. 


A herd of 18 elephants including three baby elephants descended on the farms of Badamodi village under Manjhari police station south of Chaibasa in West Singhbhum district, known for rich minerals and dense Saranda forest.


The villagers found that the elephants, which came down from the forest, enjoying the lush green fields, and immediately informed the local forest office. Forest personnel, who rushed to the site, heaved a sigh of relief when they realized that the elephants didn't caused any damage.


"It is a common phenomenon during this time of the year as elephants cross the boundaries of Saranda forest. However, they do not caused damage the surroundings unless they are confronted," DFO (South Chaibasa) K K Tiwary said.


The forest officer also said there was nothing to panic as forest personnel in cooperation with locals were engaged in guiding the herd back to the forest. "It'll take some time, probably next 24 hours or so, to push the herd back to the forest," Tiwary said.


Tiwary also said torch lights and other traditional methods would be used to chase away the elephants.


TNN, 14 September 2009

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